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Let's Go on an Adventure.......

Hi Hope you're keeping well.

I've not written since October 2020 just before the craziness that is called Christmas and I can't believe we're still in lockdown.

We might actually be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel which is great news not only for businesses on the high street but for our mental well being, although I've enjoyed long walks in the countryside.

The children are returning to school this week in a staggered format (2 of them happy 1 not so much) the house seems quieter already although with 4 dogs it never seems that quiet anyway.

I'm lucky enough to run my studio from home so lockdown isn't very different for me as for many people who have a proper job (as many people tell me!) and spring has definitely sprung which is always a good sign.

All I'm looking forward too is going on a adventure this year and maybe go on a holiday or two if I'm lucky.

Let's look forward and welcome the spring weather.