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Just to say Hi!

I just wanted to say Hi, after a busy Christmas and talking (through the wonders of social media and email) to our wonderful customers, I thought as Pear is now in our tenth year I would start a blog, just to keep you up to date with our news and products.

Firstly let me introduce Pear to you, we are a team of two one very full time designer/maker that's me Julia and my very efficient and organised (and very tidy) little (although she is 5ft 10" so not so little) helper Emma.

 I started Pear back in 2010 with an idea and a drive which has taken us through many ups and a few downs.  I design and make all our products and still try to find ways to make a purchase through the world of Pear that little more special and something you wouldn't find in a large store.  

Offering matching gift wrap and now cards to make the experience a little more individual.

We keep our packaging to a minimum and as eco friendly as possible any feeback on this is always welcome.  

Our customers are so important to us especially your happiness and delight.

Enjoy our new website and look out for our new products and designs which are being added all the time, follow us through Facebook and Instagram.